Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Our products?

Our products are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11. 32/64bit version. And 50MB disk space.

Why can not install the new version?

Please uninstall your current version from Settings or Control Panel.
Click the corresponding link below to download and run remover tool if you are impossible to uninstall it.
Download Windows Manager Remover
Download Windows 8 Manager Remover
Download Windows 7 Manager Remover
Download Vista Manager Remover
Download WinXP Manager Remover

How do I renew my license code?

We always provide renewal discount to our customers. Customers can renew their license code here. By renewing, you will get a new subscription and a new TWO YEARS license code. You need to manually register our softwares with your new license code.
Click the corresponding link below to renew your license.
Renew Windows Manager
Renew Windows 8 Manager
Renew Windows 7 Manager
Renew Vista Manager
Renew WinXP Manager

Lost License?

Click the link below and type in your registration email to retrieve your registration code.
Retrieve my registration code for Windows Manager

Should I pay extra fee if I transfer my license code from current computer to another one?

You can transfer your license code to another computer as long as your license code is in valid period. Or you can contact for help.

Sales FAQs

How long is the valid service time of the license code?

It is 2 years subscription for up to 2 PCs. The valid service time of the license code is TWO YEARS, and you can use one license code on your 2 PCs. During the two year, you can update to any new version.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Our agent can process payments in 180 countries and 110 payment types, accept Visa / MasterCard / Eurocard, Bank / Wire transfer, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal, Credit / Debit card (Payment information by Fax), Discover / Novus. Please choose the appropriate payment option to finish your order.

What is the differences between your Trial version and full version?

You can get 30 days full function trial for the trial version. When the trial period is over, you have to pay for it to get a license, and activate your trial version to full version.

What is the refund policy?

We provide functional trial versions of all our software so our customers can fully evaluate and try the software before making a purchase.
In addition we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

When will I receive my license code information after purchasing your software?

When your payment has been received and cleared, you will immediately receive your registration and license code information via email.
Please note some small delays may occur in verifying your credit card details under some circumstances.
If your can not find an answer to your question in this page, contact and we'll back to you as soon as possible!